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They are one of the best choices as far as web hosting services are concerned. they have been in the business since 2001 and have carved a place for themselves since then. They are known for their reliability, good services at affordable prices and good customer care services. Their web hosting services come in a package with great features and tools. They provide all kinds of services and get the work done in the time for the customers.

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Hosting Packages:


The company work towards providing all possible services to its clients. They offer almost six different kinds of packages which are applicable for both businesses and individuals. They vary in terms of functions and features. Their packages consist of unlimited hosting, data transfer, disk space, etc. They try to include most of the demands of their clients in the packages. They offer packages at affordable prices. Their price ranges from minimum to higher amounts also. their basic packages includes email forwarding, spam protection, etc. They are aware about what the customer wants and try to provide all that.


Inmotion hosting services includes most of the features demanded by the clients. All features may not be included in the all the packages but most of the services are provided for. The price demanded for the services are also not very high and generally falls in the price range of businesses. Each of the plans comes with control panel which is very well organized and help the clients in handling the websites. They also provide website builder along with the control panel. It also comes with the facility of one free site transfer. Control panel helps the clients in learning all about the website and how to handle and work them.

Customer Care:

The services offered are good at affordable prices. Their customer care services offered are good as they are available 24/7 through their helpline. They also have online help system through mails and provide personal expert help in case of major problems. Their phone, email and chat services are unrestricted. This is the strongest area where Inmotion hosting services shine. They also offer video tutorials and FAQs to their clients in order to solve problems at a faster pace. Their technicians are well certified and trained for the job and assist customers in all their problems. The company is a good option when it comes to web hosting services. With good quality services and prices along with great customer services, the company is a good choice.

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